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What is Stencilize.net?

Stencilize.net is a website dedicated to Graffiti-Stencils. Its main purpose is to explain how stencils can be made and to provide a free online tool for creating stencil graffitis. If you want to create stencils online without the use of complex or expensive software, you are in the right place.

Why is this free?

I have a strong interest in stencil graffits and I'm also a programmer. As I'm currently receiving an education in imageprocessing and related computervision stuff, I enjoy training my skills with the possibility to give other people a free tool which can be used to do something creative. The aim of the tool privided by Stencilize.net is to enable you to create stencils from images online in only a few clicks. As the tool is still being developed and I am using it myself, it would be great, if you send mean email with your feedback. [TODO: insert email]
At this Website, you can either learn how to make stencils by hand, some graphics-software, or you can create them online!

It can be quite an Art to make a stencil, but with the help of this website, you can create stencils very easily. If you wish to get quick results, then you should just go on and stencilize some image.